Monica Parker – Conference Speaker

Award-Winning Actress, Writer, & Producer

Monica Parker has always known she was destined for big things. Having worked in Hollywood and Canada with many of the greats―including Sir Anthony Hopkins, George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Cusack and Kim Catrall—Monica’s Parker’s smart and sassy take on living life to the fullest and challenging conventional thinking with humour and quick wit have made her a much-desired speaker, actress, writer & entertainer.

On television, Parker has been a guest on numerable shows including Murder She Wrote, Who’s the Boss, E.R., The X-Files, and S.C.T.V, and has hosted three of her own programs―Evening Out, Sweet City Woman, and There’s Got to Be a Better Way. She is currently starring in her very successful one-woman show, Sex, Pies & a Few White Lies which premiered in Los Angeles and spawned her funny and deeply moving 2014 memoir/anti-diet book. Getting Waisted (A fat girl finds self love in a society that loves thin.) In 2015, she released her second book, the delightful, much praised OMG! How Children See God. She’s now writing her third book about the hot-button topic, money. She recently finished a recurring role on the SciFi channel’s hit show; Defiance and will soon be seen on the big screen in the psychological thriller Helmington. Amongst Monica’s many accolades she serves as an advisory board member for Humber College’s prestigious Television Writing and Producing Program.

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