Useful Links and Tools

Useful Links and Tools

The following Sponsors of Credit Education Week Canada have provided links and tools to assist Canadians with their search for financial literacy information.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


This calculator allows users to create a budget and be aware of where their money is going.

This allows the user to create plans to work towards debt repayment or savings goals.

This helps with being aware of the costs of making only the minimum payments.

This helps consumers to be aware of all options for financial products, and to see if there is a better fit for your needs.

This allows the user to try out different monthly payment amounts and prepayment options to explore possible ways to pay off their mortgage.

Consumers should be aware of their credit history and how lenders and other users see them.

This allows the user to be aware of their options for dealing with debt.


Like to play the slots?  Check out PlaySmart’s Slot Play Calculator to see your spend over time.


Debt Solutions Demystified

Dealing with debt? There are options.

While both a Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy offer legally binding solutions to restructure debt, there are significant differences in how each solution works. We’ll explore what you should know about options, including:

 How it is determined which option is best, depending on the financial situation.
 The legal protection from creditors that both solutions offer.
 The sequence and timing of events before and after a proposal or bankruptcy is filed.

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