Credit Education Week

November 9th - 13th 2015

Press Releases

TORONTO, ON (October 31, 2016) – Talking about money may be the last big taboo, but Capital One Canada and Credit Canada Debt Solutions argue that it’s time to start the conversation and broadcast our financial wins – no matter how big or small. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Credit Education Week, which runs from November 7-11, Credit Canada Debt Solutions, in partnership with Capital One Canada, asked Canadians to share insights into their financial wins. While there’s a perception that Canadians hold the goal of home ownership above all else, the survey found that in reality, Canadians rank milestones like buying a home (12 per cent) or car (8 per cent) as less important financial wins than feeling financially secure in their daily lives (25 per cent).
“There is so much to learn from the positive, everyday financial experiences of our friends and family,” says Brent Reynolds, Managing Vice President, Capital One Canada. “Milestone moments like a new home or car may garner more ‘likes’, but it’s the experiences not easily shared in 140 characters that are most impactful – like how we took charge of our finances or recovered from a financial stumble.”
TORONTO, Nov. 2, 2015 /CNW/ - Just how far will Canadians go to get a deal? Is it possible to be frugal without compromising on quality? To explore this important topic in personal finance health, Credit Canada Debt Solutions, in partnership with Capital One Canada, launched a Twitter contest to gather Canadians' most extreme 'cheap or frugal' spending stories. Many learned the hard way that choosing the least expensive option sometimes comes at a cost, while being frugal tends to pay dividends.
The contest, which asked Canadians to share stories about what they learned from good and bad financial decisions, was held in advance of the ninth annual Credit Education Week, which runs from November 9-13 across the country. 
Many Canadians shared that, while attempting to stretch their dollars, they were tempted by bargains that may not have been the best financial decisions:
  • "We didn't do our homework when we picked our roofer. One year later they were no more. So much for a warranty." 
New study in support of Credit Education Week reveals while many struggle emotionally when they don’t reach their financial goals, they expect to fully recover in the long run

Toronto (October 30, 2014) - According to a new survey on personal finance, many young Canadians face delays and admit to taking an occasional wrong turn as they try to get their finances in order and reach their financial goals. But they are determined; 75 per cent take ownership for their mistakes and believe that they will fully recover from their financial setbacks.

New study shows top spending vices include restaurant meals, cigarettes, clothing and lottery tickets

Toronto (November 12, 2013) – Three quarters of Canadians are ready to tackle their spending vices, suggests new research released today. The study, Every Dollar Counts, was conducted by Capital One Canada and Credit Canada Debt Solutions to kick off the seventh annual Credit Education Week, taking place November 12 to 15 across Canada.

Despite 68 per cent of Canadians living on a budget, half feel they’ve lost control of personal finances.

Toronto (Oct. 30, 2013) – When it comes to taking control of your relationship with money, Canadians may want to start with other important relationships – your family and friends. The new consumer trends survey Every Dollar Counts, conducted by Credit Canada Debt Solutions and Capital One Canada for Financial Literacy Month, found Canadians’ spending habits are heavily influenced by the people around them and it’s hurting their ability to reach their personal financial goals.