Credit Education Week

November 9th - 13th 2015

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Applications for funding for CEWC 2017 events will be accepted from August 18th to September 22nd, 2017.


CEWC 2017 Community Collaboration Funding Guidelines


CEWC 2017 Community Collaboration Fund Program is administered by Credit Canada Debt Solutions. The Program supports CCDS’s mandate by assisting community agencies in creating financial literacy awareness and helping the Canadian consumer to learn about and look after their personal finances with the ultimate goal of financial wellness.

CEWC 2017 provides funding to community-based events that foster financial wellness. The primary intention is to create concrete opportunities for interaction in as many communities as possible across Canada. Applications will be considered from August 18th to September 22nd, 2017.

Event Objective

Funding is provided for events that support the following:

  • Promote financial literacy through social media and interpersonal and interactive events. 

Eligible Recipients

The following groups and institutions are eligible for funding:

  • Canadian not-for-profit organizations, and associations
  • Colleges, Universities and high schools
  • Canadian Indigenous organizations


  • Maximum funding to be given for hosting an event is $700

Eligible events

Eligible events must

  • Demonstrate involvement through more than one community event and establish concrete opportunities for positive interaction among participants
  • Help foster financial literacy wellness
  • Be open to and intended for the general public

Some examples of eligible types of events:

  • Community-based celebrations, cultural groups, including in support of Financial Literacy Month
  • A “lunch and learn” or  event for young people, organized by school groups or organizations such as after school programs 
  • Dialogues that bring together representatives of Canada’s financial industry
  • Public education events that foster financial literacy wellness
To apply for event funding, click here.
If you would like to request a Credit Canada workshop facilitator for your event, please complete our Workshop Registration Form, available here

Please email your completed application forms (and Workshop Registration Forms, if applicable) to