Financial Basics - Budgeting, Needs/Wants and Savings

Time: 11:40am - 12:35am | Type of event: Workshop

Workshop #1 – Financial Basics – Budgeting, Needs/Wants and Savings
On November 13th, a workshop presented by Aly Hirji on Budgeting, Debt, Credit, Needs vs Wants, Purchasing Habits, Financial Decision making.

Workshop #2 and Workshop #3 – Planning for the Future – Post Secondary Funding
On November 20th and 27th, 2019
To share with the students basic financial literacy foundation and necessary resources to start their financial literacy journey at an early age.

Location: 55 Malvern Ave, , Toronto, Ontario, M4E3E4

Attendance size: 40 | Open to the public: Yes | Open to the media: Yes

For more information, contact:

Name of organization: Aly Hirji - TDSB

Phone number provided: (647) 297-0880