Credit Pitfalls - How to avoid them / Insider credit hacks to maintain your credit

Time: 5:30pm - 6:45pm | Type of event: Workshop

Bromwich+Smith is the proud sponsor for Credit Education Week November 13-16. We are committed to relieving the overwhelming financial burden individuals are facing in Canada. To that end, we are hosting Credit Pitfalls-how to avoid them and insider credit hacks to maintain your credit by Richard Moxley of eCredit Fix.

Additional topics to be covered include:
– Why chasing a high credit score is a waste of time and money
– Major credit pitfalls to avoid that can drop your score over 50 points in 30 days.
– The ultimate way to jump your credit score quickly and properly

Location: ATB Entrepreneur centre, 4234 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, Alberta, T6J 6Y8

Attendance size: 60 | Open to the public: Yes | Open to the media: Yes

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